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We only have access to the information that you voluntarily give to us such as emails, contact number, location, etc. we are prohibited for selling and giving these information to anyone.

We are using these information that you voluntarily gave to us for ordering purposes. By giving us these information we are able to fulfill your order and request and also for shipping.

In order to use the website you must register and give us certain information that we collect such as emails, contacts etc. we use these information to contact you about your orders and services on the site.


You may edit or change the information that you are giving us anytime.


All information that you are giving us is secured and sent directly to us. There will be no third party who will have access to these informations. There will be a secure environment for these informations.


When ordering you are required to give us certain informations such as names, contacts, shipping address etc. we only use these information to complete the orders. Any troubles processing your orders we may use these information to contact you.


All PayPal, credit card, debit card details will not be stored, sold, rent, or shared with any third parties.